A few reflections on 2015…

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Embraced a 47th year

Said hello to 18 and saw my eldest fly from the nest

Celebrated independence and watched the joy of globetrotting

Crossed the country

Slept in perfect silence and the pitch-black of the bush

Held hands with another until unexpected suffering passed

Rewarded for standing firm on a principle

Carved a clear pathway to guiding values, goals and ways of feeling

Sat in wonderfully endless hours of conversation with family and friends

Loved and was loved

Found new places to like, new places to eat, new delights to enjoy

Marvelled at the day’s promise in sunrise and rewards at sunset

Welcomed a great nephew to this world

Walked and walked around New York, did high line, high rise, set for Singularity

Cheered in Yankee Stadium

Toured the headquarters of the United Nations

Grew a business and celebrated with clients who break limits

Laughed and cried and felt the sharp edges of insecurity

Tried on some new experiences, and learned to improve in powers of observation

Got it wrong, got it right

Kept going when I wanted to stop – did not settle

Spoke up to injustice and inequity and advanced a cause

Celebrated a young man’s progress

Escaped a Canberra winter and chased a European summer

Saw the sublime in Hungary, Croatia, Austria, England, Spain, France, Italy

Told and heard uncomfortable truths

Cracked Big July and felt the “stuckness” of old habits crumble and the truth of self-worth unfold

Put words to a big WHY and moved more into being the change I want to see in the world

Practised love, joy and gratitude daily

Worked with brilliant minds and devoted hearts

Got an assistant and got consistent on social messaging

Moved into an innovation hub and met like-minded makers

Grew new friendships and let finished friendships go

Slept in, yoga’d, sometimes did the S.A.V.E.R.S. miracle morning

Read great books, watched great fiction, celebrated the art of storytelling

Increased commitment to wealth for world-changing projects

Found and trusted mentors to signpost growth in directions of choice

Revelled in the magic and awe of working in genius

Stood as a light in dark places

Took a system-changing report to the highest office in the country; found national media attention; and set the ball rolling on needed change

Remembered the ones who have left

Pondered on how far we’ve come

Marvelled in nature

Mourned the mournful elements of human nature and the human condition

Kept chasing a must-do global project and took an important first step towards its 2016 startup

Galvanised the Art of Agency, a commitment to people power and business for social good

Ended the year as I mean to go on: surrounded by love, doing things that matter and feel good

Living fully. Loving the lessons. Embracing human potential. Running toward exponential.

#BeTheChange #ArtOfAgency

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