Be The Change – Foundation Tier

The Art of Agency is about playing bigger and better. You own a unique value with which to hustle.

What is your unique value? It’s you.

Hold that thought.

You’ll find nothing here about the “miraculous steps to success”, or the “sure way to avoid failure”. Yes, that sounds good…at first. But because you’re smart, we’ll assume you already know it’s not that simple. Here’s the evidence: if it was that easy, you wouldn’t be still searching.

We respect you more than to spoon feed you. We know that we can’t do it for you, only with you.

Those one-step approaches – while they claim to give you knowledge – only pass on information. Information is just that. It doesn’t stick until you own it. You don’t and can’t do what you don’t and can’t make your own. What you own gives you knowledge. Knowledge in motion is your agency.

Your value is one-of-a-kind, your agency is your belief and capacity in producing a particular effect with that value — influence, force, power, work, intervention, intercession… and art is the technique for continually accomplishing that value and effect in the world

So claim your agency and press the accelerator on your unique value. Get clear on what that is. Get clear on what you want. Get clear on the fears and blocks that keep you soul-destroyingly stuck. Get clear on how to break through. Own it. And see what happens.

Get straight on your personal agency principles: passion, payment, people, performance, play, presentation and purpose.

This is not about self-help, or even personal or professional development. This is about unlocking your personal agency and raising your voice. It’s about living loud and proud.

Have fun discovering The Art of Agency!

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