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We have been thinking about thinking big—Moonshots—our Massively Transformative Purpose for a while now. Thank you, Peter Diamandis, for urging that it’s a billion times better to have one.

Do you have a massively transformative purpose?

In reaching for it we feel a bit like the character in this image. But still, we keep reaching.

What about you?

In the process of thinking big we have been caught up in the what (we’ll make) and how (we’ll do it). And in that place and space we found no fuel to propel the rocket. Our rocket has choked and stalled, and we have started again more times than we’d care to admit.

The lesson?

It can take some digging to find it. Start with what you think is the Why, and then keep digging. Keep asking Why until all the layers of “should” have peeled away, and you’ve hit the “must”.

When you get there, right alongside the “must”, you’ll see a tick aligned to every one of your core values. It’s an exercise of reaffirming benefit.

We can’t value in the world what we don’t value in ourselves.

Be big. Be the change.

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