Bethany Bruce

Summer Edwards

Jacob L’Okori, a Ugandan politician said, people who build people are heroes. When I first heard this quote I immediately thought of Megan. Working with Megan has helped to build me into the best version of myself. If you dare to dream, but are struggling to find the courage or energy to build your dreams, Megan is the mentor you need. She won’t give you the answers, but she will ask the questions that enable you to find the answers in yourself.

Summer Edwards, Founder ~ Tortoise and Lady Grey


Megan has been my go-to person for years. I call her to work through situations, dramas and challenges I am facing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s business or personal, she knows what steps to take. When I thank her, she humbly says, you already knew what to do – I just helped you to see it.

Christa Silvia, National Sales Manager ~ S.E.A.T Project


I have been lucky to have Megan as a mentor for the past 10 years. I often lacked the confidence to develop, thinking I’d fail before giving it a go. Megan has worked with me on strategies to pursue my goals and seek out opportunities for growth and development. This has helped me gain a clear view of the future, led to better performance and all round happiness. Most importantly, Megan offers me inspiration and perspective as I go. Spending time with Megan and benefiting from her experience has been invaluable. Trust me – let her help inspire you!

Lara Flynn, Executive Officer ~ The Sydney University Business School

Beth Bruce

Megan is an outstanding role model of professionalism, intuition and vision. Few people practise the advice they present with such genuine conviction, as Megan does. Megan advised me at a critical point in my life, when I was seeking a breakthrough in my career, yet unsure of the steps I needed to take to get there. Through the creation of a step-by-step plan, Megan not only illuminated the path that was possible, but how to walk it. Gaining self-confidence, as an early career woman was one of the most important steps to achieving my breakthrough. Megan presented tools and techniques that empowered me to take charge of my life and bridge obstacles. I now feel confident that I have much more to offer than I ever imagined. If you are in pursuit of a life filled with vision and purpose, then Megan is the person to help you on your journey to greater personal and career fulfillment.

Bethany Bruce, Producer ~ Film Industry


Working within a large global insurance company, I dealt with high volume and demanding deadlines with ease. However, I found it difficult to self-promote. The fear quickly subsided after a phone call with Megan where she guided me through a step-by-step process. Within a few weeks I had an attractive employment offer from another insurance firm and entered positive discussions with my current employer. I now follow Megan’s methodology. I value myself and know I am worthy of reward and recognition. I am now clearer, have made some big changes and am motivated by my direction. Megan helped me look within myself to find a path in line with what I value the most. I cannot recommend her more highly. Her honesty and insights are invaluable.

Krista LeClaire, Account Manager ~ Insurance Industry


A year and a half ago I embarked on the journey of starting my own business. Megan has been with me every step of the way to champion me towards success and my business goals. Megan provided me with the clarity and strategy I needed to knock down the self-imposed barriers standing my way. I struggled with self promotion, self doubt and finding my voice in work related scenarios. Through Megan’s invaluable step-by-step guidance, I am seeing incredible results. My business is growing incrementally and sustainably and I have noticed worthy changes within myself and my approach towards business – I am currently the happiest I have ever been in my working life. Megan’s approach is genuine, honest and empowering, she has been a wonderful source of perspective and inspiration for me!

Adelle Chang, Founder ~ Adelle Chang Design