When Help Is Not Helpful

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We are, more than ever, in a time when “help” is everywhere.

We can get “help” for everything.

Help to lose weight, find our self, find our soul mate, revive a failing relationship, become a better parent, do more good, get a promotion, be more confident, start a business, travel more, find our passion, change our mindset, make more sales, get rich, get fit, look better, feel better, do better  … the list goes on.

But when is “help” not helpful?

There is a simple test.

“Help” is not helpful when it erodes our capacity to help ourselves.

“Help” is not helpful when it leads us to depending on the helper. That is “help” that hurts.

“Help” that helps is the kind that leaves us better equipped. Better equipped to meet the challenges we create or encounter on our own terms, in our own way.

Taking help is then a gift we give our selves.

Today let’s apply the simple test to the areas in our life where we are taking “help”.

Do we find Dependency or Dignity? #ArtOfAgency

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